Phishing Emails Hook Most Employees within a Day

infosecurity_logoOrganizations have just hours to stop targeted attacks during their first stages, after new research revealed almost 90% of users open phishing emails on the day they are sent.

User training firm PhishMe sent eight million phishing emails out to over three million employees working across 23 industries around the world to compile its Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility Report.

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Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility Analysis

Analysis overview:

  • 8 million emails over a 13 month span
  • 75% of organizations are training more than 1,000 employees
  • Representing organizations from US (86%) and Europe (14%)
  • Representing 23 industries

Tackling a mountain of unmined data in search of answers can be a daunting task. Starting from scratch, we understood that we would likely face challenges to our pre-conceived notions of what works well and were prepared to accept what the data would tell us, however challenging it might be. Our goals were simply to understand what and how much data was available for analysis. We began with basic questions; how many scenarios are clients running? What type of scenarios are they and what do they contain? Are there any trends based on time, content, type or context?

Millions of Emails Sent in Thousands of Phishing Attack Simulations Reveal How Frequently Enterprise Employees Fall Victim to Phishing Attacks

PhishMe 2015 Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility Report Shows Which Type of Attack Emails Have Highest Penetration Rates, Provides Guidance on How to Reduce Risk

LEESBURG, Va. – December 21, 2015 – PhishMe® Inc., the pioneer in human-phishing defense solutions, today released the 2015 Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility report. Data was gathered from 8 million phishing simulation emails sent to 3.5 million enterprise employees to provide analytics showing how susceptible enterprise employees are to falling victim to phishing attacks — the most common cyberattack vector in use today. Additionally, the report demonstrates how effective training can condition employees over time to spot, report and help defend their organizations against phishing.