After working with another security awareness vendor for years, we selected to reassess the partnership with the goal of bringing new innovations and capabilities to our clients.

Here’s why we switched to Cofense — and why we’re thrilled with the phishing solutions we can offer our global clients.

Cofense really listens and responds to our needs.

First, Cofense responded in less than 24 hours to our initial inquiry. Small differences like that really add up. The Cofense team also comes through with smart solutions to our requests.

Example: our management wanted us to align our core awareness curriculum to the guidelines of NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Cofense LMS team gave us a three-part program built on NIST’s nine topic areas. Best of all, the whole thing’s automated, both the phishing simulations and the online training. Cofense went above and beyond in delivering on their promises.

We’ve reduced customer onboarding and program management by 70%.

For managed service providers, “time is money” is not a cliché. Thanks to Cofense automation, specifically PhishMe Playbooks, we’re reaching new levels of efficiency.

Using PhishMe Playbooks, we can set up a year’s worth of simulations allowing our clients to have a detailed well-planned security awareness program.

There’s strong innovation. I’ve seen it first-hand.

Besides improved program management, we’re getting a stronger solution, one that keeps getting better because the team solves problems. Our Cofense team really listens to product development and feature suggestions and works to enhance their offerings based on client and partner feedback.

PhishMe will be a fantastic addition to our security offering.

We continue to enhance our cybersecurity program and have found that PhishMe and Cofense LMS are ideal components of our cyber offering. Phishing is never going away, and threat actors tactics continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Additionally, PhishMe is scalable which makes it easy to offer to clients around the globe, regardless of their size or security needs.

No one has more phishing expertise.

Our financial customers have to be strong in security across the board, so they rely on us—and through our partnership Cofense—to highlight the types of attacks their users need to be aware of, and to be prepared for. When your partner sees as many millions of phishing emails as Cofense, you’re confident in saying “Here, this is what a financial services playbook should look like.”

Protective measures must be both simple and effective. User behavior should change in a positive way and you, the security awareness manager, should have the data to show it.

None of this would be possible without a vendor that knows its stuff and knows how to make things work. As far as we’re concerned, we couldn’t be happier.