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Keith Ibarguen

Chief Product Officer

Keith Ibarguen has more than 25 years of diverse technical and managerial experience, most recently serving as the Chief Engineer for the Law Enforcement and Domestic Security Division at the MITRE Corporation.  He has worked to develop and enable novel solutions across a number of MITRE Sponsor and internal programs throughout his career, leveraging his expertise in cyber operations and enterprise cyber security, software development, enterprise IT design and deployment.  Throughout his years of service, he has led activities with the DoD, the Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Communities as well as partnered with numerous not for profit and commercial firms.

Keith is a leader in building and running agile teams.  He also worked closely with MITRE’s corporate leaders to evolve and advance MITRE’s brand, strategic direction and future roles as a leading manager of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers.

As Chief Product Officer, Keith brings his extensive experience working with customers, setting strategic direction, executing advanced solutions, as well as building and leading dynamic teams to the Cofense family.

Portrait of Keith - Cofense


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