Ask an Expert:

On-Demand Phishing Defense


Cofense Ask an Expert gives your team on-demand access to the industry’s foremost experts in phishing defense.


Rapidly expand your security team’s phishing defense capabilities when needed

Quickly identify the nature of phishing attacks threatening your organization

Respond to the threat with confidence

Whether your security team simply needs to expand its capabilities on demand, or you receive a particularly challenging phish, our team of phishing defense experts can quickly analyze and respond to the threats your users have reported.

From within the Cofense Triage™ interface, simply select a reported email and click Ask an Expert.

The report will be sent to an analyst in the Cofense Phishing Defense Center™ (PDC).

The analyst will quickly review the report and respond with an analysis of the email, whether it is a threat and, if so, the nature of the threat.


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2 2019 ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study

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