12 Days of Phishless Christmas recap

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Happy Day After Christmas everyone! Thankfully the world didn’t end last Friday, and we were able to finish the 12 Days of Phishless Christmas campaign. Hopefully you are spending today on the couch nursing your eggnog and Christmas cookie hangover, out at the mall returning that Cosby sweater your Aunt gave you, or getting ready to watch the Little Caesar’s Bowl.

At PhishMe, however, we are open for business, and today is a chance for us to recap our Phishless Christmas campaign, which, by all accounts was a smashing success. We’ve announced our 12 winners, and in all, we raised $600 for a variety of awesome charities.

Our winners from Day 7-12:

  • Day 7 @AbeNP
  • Day 8 @JaredMillertime
  • Day 9 @fiftypercent3s
  • Day 10 @AbeNP
  • Day 11 @sandybeachgirl
  • Day 12 @fiftypercent3s

Thanks to everyone for participating in the 12 Days of Phishless Christmas!

Stay tuned to PhishMe’s Twitter account for upcoming campaigns, and as always, insights into the ever-evolving nature of phishing and the security industry.


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