5 Reasons Hackers Target SMBs—and 1 Free Way to Fight Back

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Last week PhishMe® released PhishMe® Free, a no-cost version of our award-winning anti-phishing solution, to protect SMBs from phishing attacks and resulting threats. A new PhishMe white paper shows the urgent need for SMBs to bolster their defenses.

According to the paper, “Hacked: Small Businesses in the Crosshairs,” here are just five of the reasons hackers love to target small businesses.

  1. They’re easier prey.

Phishing attackers like smaller companies because, well, they’re small. They often lack the resources to implement specialized cyber-protection like anti-phishing awareness and reporting. To wit…

  1. Only 10 percent of SMBs have a separate budget for cybersecurity.1

Most small businesses ask their IT departments to handle online security—one more critical task on already full plates. And, of course…

  1. Small businesses have smaller departments for IT/security.

Fewer “gatekeepers” means fewer obstacles for cybercriminals. Once they’re in, they can collect data or steal funds for months at a time.

  1. Over half of SMBs have been hit with ransomware.2

Ninety percent of network security breaches begin with a phishing attack.3 Stopping ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) and other threats starts with a strong anti-phishing program that conditions employees to recognize and resist phishing attacks.

  1. Just 13 percent of small businesses think they’re prepared for ransomware.4

Even though the majority surveyed (two out of three) believe ransomware is a serious threat.

Read the white paper to get the full scoop on why hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses—and how you can defend your company.

Then start building your human firewall against phishing threats with our no-cost solution – PhishMe Free. Download PhishMe Free now.


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