5 Things We Launched this Year to Stop Phishing Attacks Faster

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Merry Phishmas! It’s been another busy year of phishing scams, malware delivery, and other Grinchy activity. To help keep you protected, Cofense™ has refined our solutions to stop phishing in its tracks. Following are some of the new capabilities we launched in 2018. 

1. Quarantine emails quickly with new Cofense Vision .  

When a bad email gets past your perimeter defense, some users will report it, some will fall victim, and some won’t even know it’s there. The key to stopping the attack fast: knowing exactly where it’s lurking in your email server.   

That’s why we added new Cofense Vision to our phishing response platform. It lets operators quickly find every user that receives a phish, quarantine the threat, and respond with precision.   

As threat actors adjust their techniques, it’s easy to adjust your tactics to identify attack patterns. Once you’ve found every malicious email in a campaign, quarantine email threats with one click. Dig deeper and stop threats in minutes, not hours or days. 

2. Increase efficiency with automated playbooks. 

This year, Cofense added automated playbooks across our solutions set. They create repeatable workflows—“set and forget” functionality to save time and money.  

Cofense Triage™ now has playbooks to help anticipate and respond to threats. Instead of reinventing the wheel, your SOC team can automate response to common threat actor techniques. Our rules editor lets you create rules for use in future analysis. You can also use YARA rules to dig deeper and run more advanced analysis.  

Cofense PhishMe™ playbooks are designed to make life easier for security awareness managers. Save time when you launch and maintain your anti-phishing program—schedule a year’s worth of phishing simulations in less than one hour. Our playbooks supply phishing scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational content—everything you need to succeed.

3. Protect yourself across time zones with 24/7 threat hunting. 

The Cofense Phishing Defense Center provides 24/7 operations to deliver continuous coverage and protection against phishing threats. No matter the size of your organization or region of the world in which you operate, you can rely on the PDC to hunt threats while you sleep. Our PDC professionals offer expert phishing analysis and technical guidance for quick response and remediation. 

One customer worked with the PDC to stop an attack in 19 minutes, while another was able to stop an attack in just 10 minutes. Sharply reduced detection and response—that’s peace of mind. 

4. Cut through spam to find real threats with advanced noise reduction. 

Users often report spam and other commercial emails, like newsletters or social media updates, for phishing attacks. To cut through this noise and drive efficiency for security analysts, we added Noise Reduction to Cofense Triage.  

Our advanced technology scores and categorizes reported emails to help with prioritization. Triage operators use automation to lower noise, so incident responders can focus on actual threats.

5. Communicate success with Cofense Board Reports. 

Increasingly, board members are asking cybersecurity questions to understand their organization’s risk. CISOs need a way to tell non-security leadership, in clear business terms, how their phishing defense is performing.  

As a result, we added Board Reports to Cofense PhishMe. Using expert analysis, the reports demonstrate the success and progress of your phishing defense program. Based on the vast amount of information in PhishMe, executive can see how their company’s program stacks up, both within their industry and across other Cofense customers.  

As you can see, it’s been a full year of innovation at Cofense. Learn more about suite of solutions—and have a happy holiday season!  


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