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5 ways we boost your anti-phishing program’s ROI.

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If you’re shopping for a vendor to help with phishing awareness training, you might be thinking, “They all seem pretty similar. What’s the difference?”

Fair enough. There are plenty of options in computer-based security awareness. In sorting through them, you’d consider factors like experience, cost, and reputation.

Here’s one more factor to think about: Service execution that you can trust. In this business, that often means relying on a professional services team like the one delivering Cofense PhishMe™ Professional Services, our award-winning phishing simulation and training offering.

Following are 5 ways our team can boost the return on your anti-phishing investment.

  1. Our expertise saves money you’d spend on “training the trainer.”

When you hire professionals that craft phishing simulations day in, day out, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel—or invest in training someone in-house to become an overnight expert.

The Cofense PhishMe Professional Services team hits the ground running. On day one, we’ll supply proven advice and best practices. It’s instant expertise, without additional headcount.

  1. Our knowledge helps drive change in your organization.

You’d expect to deal with industry-certified experts when you leverage this managed service. Hire the right experts and you’ll get a bonus: people with an outsider’s perspective that can drive internal change.

Positive cultural change—and anti-phishing is about changing people’s behaviors—can be a long, hard road. The objectivity and proven record of a team like ours can help remove the doubts and old behaviors that block change.

  1. We know the metrics to measure and promote success.

Our team understands which metrics to use and how to use them, plus we know how to present the numbers to senior management teams.

As an example, the industry now talks less about individual susceptibility rates and more about resiliency rates. But not everyone is familiar with the concept of phishing resiliency (the ratio of users who reported a training exercise only divided by all susceptible users). What is it exactly and how should you use it to measure success? We’re here to explain, among other things, how resiliency can help pin-point users more apt to fall for individual training exercises.

How long should you run basic scenarios? When do you throw users a curveball, just as real attackers would? Do you customize training for new hires, the C-suite, or HR? As we help you answer these questions, your program will start to fire on all cylinders and your ROI will climb.

  1. We draw from real-life phishes to build relevant simulations.

Besides phishing awareness training, Cofense™ offers Cofense TriageTM, our incident response and phishing defense platform, and Cofense IntelligenceTM, our phishing-specific threat intelligence feed. The active phishing threats we help monitor and mitigate often become your next simulated phish.

Phishing attacks evolve, so your program needs to stay relevant. We have the resources to make that happen and, in turn, to manage training that pays off in hardened resiliency.

  1. Last but not least, we help you lower risk.

Add up all the advantages we bring—our experience, expertise, and objective point of view—and it computes to a major advantage. Our team helps lower risk, and not just for your team but your entire organization. It’s the kind of value we add as a trusted partner changing the way employees behave every time they open up their inboxes.

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, phishing attacks are growing by 65% annually.1 For some time now, phishing has been the #1 delivery vehicle for malware. Reducing your risk across the enterprise by conditioning employees to recognize and report phishing is a pretty big deal.

It’s a benefit many providers promise. When you’re deciding who will deliver, don’t forget the support teams. A road-tested professional services group makes a bottom-line difference.

Learn more about all of our professional services offerings. See what we can do for you!


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