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Aaron Higbee Chats Google Doc Scam and other Phishing Trends on the Charles Tendell Show

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This week, our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Aaron Higbee had an opportunity to discuss the recent Google Docs phishing scam on the The Charles Tendell Show.

“The Google Docs phishing incident left a lot of security vendors scratching their heads,” HigBee explains. “This was simple granting of permissions, not malicious attachments or links and it represents the future of phishing.  Many apps already ask for permissions so the request won’t be seen as unusual when used in phishing.”

You can listen to the full radio interview here. The Charles Tendell show is hosted by hacking and cybersecurity expert Charles Tendell and is heard in more than 30 countries across the world, with an audience of more than 150,000 listeners. Charles Tendell and his radio show have been featured on NBC, New York Times, Forbes, PC Magazine, CBS News, ARS Technica, Mashable and more.

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