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Become the First Security Awareness Professional to be Fully Certified in Phishing Simulation Programs with Cofense

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Want to boost your anti-phishing and your professional creds? Now you can, in just a few hours and on your own schedule.

Cofense™  is pleased to announce the Cofense PhishMe™ certification, the industry’s first and only professional certification for phishing simulation programs. It’s your chance to fully master Cofense PhishMe, our award-winning phishing awareness training solution, while becoming a certified expert in phishing simulation programs.

With this Cofense PhishMe certification, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to build, run, and sustain a successful phishing simulation and security awareness training program. Aside from learning valuable industry knowledge, you’ll also become an expert at administering our award-winning solution to help employees recognize and report suspicious emails.


Most people get certified in just 4 hours.

The certification program features three modules, each offering multiple areas of study. On average, the program takes 4 hours to complete.

To accommodate your schedule, the course is self-paced and automatically bookmarks your progress, so you can later start where you left off.

Once you’ve passed the assessments for all 3 modules, you’ll receive your certificate of completion. Users who complete the course may earn CPEs for their respective certifications by self-reporting to third-party organizations such as (ISC)² for review at the time they complete the course.

Here’s what you’ll learn.

  • In the Application Module, you’ll review the features and functionality of our Cofense PhishMe platform, so you can create effective phishing simulations. You’ll discover how to launch a campaign and manage reporting and analytics, plus how to edit phishing scenarios, including creating and administering scenarios and crafting educational content.
  • Because threats are constantly evolving, the Threat Landscape Module will deepen your knowledge of new phishing techniques and attack vectors, which in turn helps you develop effective simulations and follow-up learning.
  • In the Methodology Module, you’ll find best practices for running an anti-phishing program, regardless of how mature your program is. We’ll share with you tips and tricks Cofense has learned through hands-on experience with Fortune 100 companies and SMB’s alike.

 Interested in becoming a certified security awareness and phishing simulation expert? Visit:

Why Choose Cofense PhishMe?

Cofense PhishMe is the leader in phishing awareness training, the necessary first step toward building a comprehensive phishing defense strategy. We created the phishing awareness industry and have helped transform over 27 million users in 160 countries into vigilant security informants within their organizations.

Our purpose-built SaaS platform conditions employees to know a phish when they see a phish. Employees also learn to report potential phishing emails, providing real-time threat intelligence to incident responders. The solution’s customizable scenarios make it easy to mimic emerging threats and keep your training relevant.

For two consecutive years, Gartner has named Cofense a Leader in the Computer-Based Security Awareness Magic Quadrant. Now we’re offering customers the opportunity to get Cofense PhishMe certified.

Why not register now?

Phishing attacks aren’t slowing down. To defend against their malicious content—ransomware, other malware, and business email compromise (BEC)—you need to mobilize users across your organization. These living, breathing targets are your last line of defense and your best source of real-time intelligence on active cyberattacks.

Cofense PhishMe certification will give you the skills and knowledge to condition employees to spot and report phishing, not to mention it reinforces your expertise as a security awareness professional to help boost your career.

Get registered and get certified!


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