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Cofense Acquires Cloud-Native, AI-Based Email Security Provider Cyberfish

The future of email security…today

Today, Cofense announced the acquisition of Cyberfish Security, an email security startup provider of next-generation phishing protection powered by Computer Vision and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The combination of Cofense’s automation and phishing intelligence from over 26 million human reporters around the world and Cyberfish’s cloud-native AI-based protection technology will eliminate the need for legacy, expensive and slow-to-deploy email security solutions.

Computer Vision Sees the Threat

The powerful combined solution will leverage artificial intelligence and crowd-sourced data to protect, detect and respond to email attacks ensuring that they are removed proactively from customer environments. The Cyberfish Computer Vision technology uses advanced pattern matching algorithms to simulate how humans see.

Cyberfish uses this technology to detect phishing attacks by visually representing, inspecting and drawing conclusions on emails, URLs, landing pages and attachments. Computer Vision paired with learning algorithms and advanced training, creates a resilient and ever-evolving phishing detection capability that will mitigate phishing threats in real time.

In with the New, Out with the Old

Because Cofense is in the unique position of seeing phish found in environments protected by all the leading SEGs, we have the broadest and most comprehensive database of global phishing intelligence, creating a data moat of protection. Integrating Cyberfish technology into the Cofense solution set helps customers reduce the number of email security vendors with the confidence that the combination of Cofense and Microsoft or Cofense and Google will reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks. Cofense will bring to market a holistic, advanced automation solution for email protection, detection and response by integrating innovative machine learning capabilities from Cyberfish with Cofense’s detection and response technology.

Less is More

With the acceleration of digital transformation and migration to cloud email services from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, organizations are rethinking their email security architecture and technology stack. For customers investigating a move away from legacy email security providers like Proofpoint, Mimecast, Symantec and Cisco during this migration, Cofense will expedite this transition.

Cofense’s unparalleled phishing intelligence, already deployed in thousands of enterprises around the world will also be used to train Cyberfish’s machine-learning algorithms to block malicious emails and evolve the algorithms in real time.

Cyberfish’s technology, which can be installed in less than two minutes, will be immediately deployed as part of the Cofense Managed PDR service and available to global MSP partners.

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