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Cofense Earns 2022 Top Rated Award from TrustRadius

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Cofense PhishMe recognized for Security Awareness Training category based on excellent customer satisfaction ratings

Leesburg, Va. – May 19, 2022Cofense®, the leading provider of Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) solutions, today announced that Cofense PhishMe™ has won a 2022 Top Rated Award by TrustRadius in the security awareness training software category. Top Rated awards help distinguish products that have excellent customer satisfaction ratings and are based entirely on end user reviews. Current events highlight that mature and effective phishing defense programs must be proactive and constant, as phishing continues to be a key entry point for a majority of cyber attacks. As employees are the front line of defense against phishing, training for employees is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your company’s defense against attacks such as ransomware, malware and Business Email Compromise (BEC). When it comes to preparing and conditioning users to spot and report phish hitting their inbox, the 2022 Cofense Annual State of Phishing Report highlighted a two-point increase in resiliency rate for simulation campaigns and saw a seven-point resiliency rate among organizations that have full phishing defense programs. “Email threats are not going anywhere. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; they’re only getting worse and continue to dominate as the primary vector behind most data breaches. Threat actors are continuing to use emerging tactics and techniques to bypass email security technologies and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to have a comprehensive email defense strategy,” said Rohyt Belani, CEO of Cofense. “An effective email defense program operates at the intersection of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. A critical mass of vigilant humans who report suspicious emails are critical to feed machine learning powered technologies so the latter can continually evolve and create a self-healing email security system. Security training or email security technologies in isolation are not going to work.” Cofense PhishMe, a SaaS platform trusted by over 2,500 organizations across multiple industry verticals, uses intelligent automation, advanced algorithms and active threat scenarios to reinforce positive security awareness behavior. The training brings real, active threats into realistic phishing scenarios to ensure program relevance and to provide users with insights that can help them to navigate the modern threat landscape. To qualify for a Top Rated award, a product must have 10 or more recent reviews from the past year, a trScore of 7.5 or higher based on TrustRadius’ algorithm that calculates a product’s scores based on a weighted average of reviews and ratings, and show relevance by having earned at least 1.5% of the site traffic in the category. Cofense’s TrustRadius reviews can be viewed here. To learn more about Cofense, please visit About Cofense Cofense® is the leading provider of phishing detection and response solutions. Designed for enterprise organizations, the Cofense Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) platform leverages a global network of over 32 million people actively reporting suspected phish, combined with advanced automation to stop phishing attacks faster and stay ahead of breaches. When deploying the full suite of Cofense solutions, organizations can educate employees on how to identify and report phish, detect phish in their environment and respond quickly to remediate threats. With seamless integration into most major TIPs, SIEMs, and SOARs, Cofense solutions easily align with existing security ecosystems. Across a broad set of Global 1000 enterprise customers, including defense, energy, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing sectors, Cofense understands how to improve security, aid incident response and reduce the risk of compromise. For additional information, please visit or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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