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Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ: Enabling Your Best Phishing Defense

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Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ: Enabling Your Best Phishing Defense

Threat actors continue to advance their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and are diversifying malware used in phishing campaigns to ensure their emails reach end users. Cofense Intelligence has seen these campaigns reach the inbox across a vast range of sectors and in environments protected by each major secure email gateway (SEG). To defend against these campaigns, Cofense Intelligence is committed to ensuring that you possess the strategic perspective to anticipate phishing-related threat activity on the horizon, the tools to track it as it unfolds across sectors and geographic boundaries, and the indicators needed to block it when it hits home.

Today, we introduce major innovations to Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ, a phishing-specific consolidated intelligence hub designed to improve your investigative capability, your tactical defense, and your strategic prioritization.

  • Track phishing trends with our new ThreatHQ dashboard, which includes interactive charts displaying top malware and top delivery mechanisms. Easily maintain awareness of the top trending words and phrases in phishing email subject lines with ThreatHQ’s interactive Phishing Subjects word cloud.
  • Quickly transition to a tactical view of Cofense Intelligence’s knowledge base with a single click, initiating searches for relevant active threat reports (ATRs) containing phishing campaign summaries, including the email subject lines and malware families that each campaign employs.
  • Investigate potential threats with ThreatHQ’s intuitive, tabulated ATR interface, and easily pivot among campaigns that share the file/network indicators, email subject lines and delivery mechanisms hitting your infrastructure. At any point in your investigation, regain your strategic vision by moving beyond indicators of compromise – IOCs – for a more robust view of the threat landscape to determine whether a campaign hitting your organization is part of a broad trend, or whether it represents a more targeted threat.

“The new UI is great. The subject line word cloud is especially useful, as are the malware graphs.”
Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ customer

Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ makes it easy to prioritize investigations, mitigate against phishing-borne compromise and provide strategic level visibility into emerging phishing threats. Customize your ThreatHQ profile to receive our written reports, such as our Flash Alerts and biweekly Executive Phishing Summaries via email. Browse Strategic Analysis reports to obtain a deeper understanding of key trends, active malware families, and emerging effective threat actor TTPs. These are only some of the many tools and resources available in Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ.

Threat intelligence dashboard - CofenseThreatHQ UI at a Glance

The new Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ includes:

  • Top Malware interactive chart 
  • Top Delivery Mechanisms interactive chart 
  • Trending Words in Phishing Subjects 
  • Improved ATR searching capability 
  • Top IOCs identified in multiple campaigns 
  • Improved rendering of reports 
  • Active Threat Reports
  • Executive phishing summaries
  • Strategic analysis
  • Flash Reports
  • Quarterly Trends Reviews
  • Cofense Intelligence blog

“It provides easy access to threat analysis and the addition of the visual dashboard helps in determining which threats to survey for when threat hunting within our own organization.”  
Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ customer

Inform your priorities and strategic direction with the most in-depth, intuitive trend tracking on the phishing threat landscape. With Cofense Intelligence and ThreatHQ, you enable your best phishing defense.

Learn more about Cofense Intelligence, here.


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