Cofense Launches COVID-19 Phishing Resource Center, Announces Webinar to Arm Cyber Security Professionals with Actionable Intelligence

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LEESBURG, Va. – March 19, 2020 – When a major event or emergency arises, phishing emails exploiting human emotions and global attention are never far behind. To better equip cyber security and security awareness teams with accurate, up to date information related to the recent upsurge in COVID-19 related phishing emails and malware, Cofense® has launched a Coronavirus Phishing Infocenter to help protect organizations and end users during this public health emergency.

The Phishing Resource Center includes:

  • A publicly available YARA rule open to all, consisting of major, actionable indicators Cofense has identified for COVID-19 phishing emails and related malware, sourced from Cofense IntelligenceTM, proprietary data collection sources and the Cofense Phishing Defense Center®;
  • An infographic outlining the top signs that may signal a Coronavirus email is a phish;
  • Expert recommendations via our blogs and podcast for organizations considering cyber security measures and phishing simulation programs during this confusing time;
  • Real examples of COVID-19 phishing emails in multiple languages that have evaded email security controls – captured by Cofense analysts and Cofense-powered humans;
  • Aggregated articles from authoritative sources about COVID-19 phishing to help companies and individuals alike avoid misinformation and better understand phishing scams in the context of evolving current events.

The company will also hold a 30 minute discussion-based webinar on March 26, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. EST on the evolving coronavirus threats as well as useful tools and recommendations to combat the escalating volume of email attacks.

“Cofense recognizes the COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly challenging time for individuals and organizations alike,” said Aaron Higbee, chief technology officer and co-founder, Cofense. “We strive to share actionable insights and expertise to raise awareness of the ways malicious actors are actively capitalizing on our natural human emotions in response to this public health crisis. We hope this resource center can help cyber security and security awareness teams as they navigate email communications during a time when many organizations and their employees are filled with concern.”

Cofense will continue to regularly update the Coronavirus Phishing Infocenter with the latest information, resources, YARA rules and intelligence to reflect evolutions in the phishing landscape:


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