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Cofense Partners with NINJIO to Bring Hollywood-Style Storytelling to Security Awareness Offering

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Leesburg, Va. – May 8, 2019 – Cofense™, the global leader in intelligent phishing defense solutions, announced a partnership with NINJIO, a leading creator of cyber security awareness training. NINJIO’S cyber security content will be accessible by customers using the Cofense PhishMe™ platform, an award-winning phishing simulation and training solution. Cofense PhishMe administrators can leverage NINJIO videos, or “episodes” as NINJIO refers to them, as part of their on-going security awareness training and phishing defense programs.

NINJIO’S current security awareness library consists of three to four-minute animated videos, showing users how to avoid cyber threats. Each episode is created and produced by a seasoned Hollywood writer and features a real-life company which has suffered a significant breach. New episodes are released every 30 days to keep users up-to-date with current threats. Additionally, each episode is crafted to engage with viewers’ emotions around the psychology of threat actors’ abilities to evade cyber security systems. The company employee then takes a quiz to ensure he/she understands the specific attack vector information being covered during the episode.

“As fellow security awareness industry leaders and innovators in an often archaic space, this partnership will provide the best of what we both have to offer to expanded audiences,” remarked Zack Schuler, founder and CEO of NINJIO. “At the end of the day, it’s about impact: Together we can prevent more cyberattacks and hackers from ruining people’s lives. And that is truly the goal.”   Cofense PhishMe users can subscribe to both “NINJIO Anime” and “NINJIO Corporate”.  These are two different styles of animation, with the script, story, voice actors, music scoring and sound effects all being the same.  The Corporate version has been added for organizations who might prefer a more conservative style of NINJIO.”

Each NINJIO episode also includes a curated and crafted episode trailer poster, anchoring cartoon, and blog post content to reinforce the principles learned.

The NINJIO relationship further enhances the training content already included in the Cofense PhishMe platform and CBFrees, free computer-based training videos produced by Cofense. Fresh, accurate content and training materials are important to security awareness professionals to keep their programs engaging and interesting to maximize success with end-users consuming that content.

Rohyt Belani, CEO and Co-founder of Cofense, explained, “This partnership is a coming together of two best-of-breed solutions, both recognized in 2019 by Gartner Peer Insights with a Customers’ Choice distinction for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training. Our customers now have access to the most comprehensive phishing defense and security awareness offering focused on real threats.” 

About Cofense

Cofense™, formerly PhishMe®, is the leading provider of intelligent phishing defense solutions world-wide. Cofense delivers a collaborative approach to cybersecurity by enabling organization-wide engagement to active email threats. Our collective defense suite combines timely attack intelligence sourced from employees with best-in-class incident response technologies to stop attacks faster and stay ahead of breaches. Cofense customers include Global 1000 organizations in defense, energy, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing sectors that understand how changing user behavior will improve security, aid incident response and reduce the risk of compromise.


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NINJIO is a Security Awareness Solution that produces 3-4-minute long animated episodes that educate users on current cyber security threats.  NINJIO episodes are written by a Hollywood story teller, are based on or inspired by significant breaches suffered by real organizations and focus on a single attack vector per episode.  The episodes are written with the intention of emotionally engaging the viewer in the first scene of every episode and keeping them engaged until the end.  This creates a strong memory that leads to a high level of retention, resulting in less breaches.  NINJIO is a privately held company.

Media Contact for NINJIO

Rebekah Iliff


E: [email protected]




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