Cofense Phishing Awareness: The Innovations Continue

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Every week you read about a new phishing-inflicted breach. Despite heavy spending on perimeter security, malicious emails still get through.

Here’s something that can help and, best of all, costs nothing. It’s the latest in a blitz of Cofense phishing awareness innovations.

New Games Make Training More Engaging

Cofense CBFree, our complimentary computer-based training, has launched a new gamification module with 5 interactive anti-phishing games. They’re a full set of engaging educational resources, designed to help employees retain and apply what they learn. In addition to these, the CBFree library offers 4 compliance modules and 17 security awareness modules.

Games waiting to be played:

  • Category Challenge: Test your knowledge by answering questions about passwords, malicious links, spear phishing, malware, and social engineering.

  • Honeycomb Challenge: Make your way through the honeycomb by answering questions on cybersecurity and phishing topics.

  • Indicators of a Phish: Investigate the email and answer the prompts.

  • Resiliency Quiz: How well are you conditioned to recognize and report phishing emails. This quiz reveals how vulnerable you are to targeted phishing or malware, plus gives tips to help you become more resilient.

  • To Catch a Threat: Examine a phishing email based on the real thing and click each indicator of a malicious message. You must report emails to win!

New Templates (as Always) Reflect Active Threats

The bad guys continue evolving their phishing attacks and we’re keeping up. With help from Cofense Research, Cofense Intelligence™, and our Phishing Defense Center, we build templates based on active threats. It’s something not every provider can do—or do well. We recently launched 25 new templates for Cofense PhishMeTM simulations, designed to help users spot attacks your company actually sees.

Updates Let You Further Customize Awareness Training

Our new Choose Your Education feature lets users who fall for a simulated phish tailor their learning to suit their style. What’s more, Live Clues Education lets you insert images of phishing emails and create hover-over messages, so users can see potential ways to identify a phishing email. Don’t worry, they can benefit from this feature whether on desktops or mobile devices.

New Features Improve End User Management and our LMS Platform

Something else we’ve reimagined: the most efficient ways for you to manage the users your company trains. Cofense PhishMe has introduced Recipient Management and Dynamic Groups so you can implement and modify user lists more easily. Plus, we’ve added to our Cofense Learning Management System (LMS)™. Our new Cohort Selection Block lets you group users by markers such as language, department, and location. And the new Re-engagement Manager gives you the ability to automate emails managers send to direct reports who fail to meet course requirements.

More Languages Enable You to Train Your Global Workforce

Cofense has added seven more languages to our CBFree awareness modules. This brings the total to 31 languages, helping you condition users all around the world.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned. We’ll be evolving our phishing-awareness capabilities more than ever. Want more proof of our innovations? See why Gartner named us a Magic Quadrant Leader in Security Awareness CBTs for the second year in a row!


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