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The phishing story is not new. In fact, if anything, we are far more aware of phishing threats than we’ve ever been. Here are some things to think about: 

  • Attackers are human and constantly innovating to bypass technology 
  • 96% of breaches start with a phish 
  • Phish are easily bypassing gateway technology 
  • Business email accounts are routinely compromised (BEC) 
  • Many organizations are forced to pay ransomware bounties 
  • Large financial losses are occurring from compliance fines, loss of customers, IP theft, and recovery costs 
  • SOC analysts are overwhelmed performing incident response 
  • Awareness training can be ineffective if it is not aligned with real threats 
  • Artificial Intelligence that is deployed to detect phish is failing 

We’ll stop there – it’s 2020 after all, and there’s been enough bad news. So, here’s something good: 

Today, Cofense introduced its Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) platform, a solution designed specifically for enterprise organizations. As phishing attacks continue to become more sophisticated, persistent, and adaptive to legacy security defenses, demand for an extensive phishing defense solution is at an all-time high, and the need is critical. The Cofense PDR platform provides a comprehensive approach to stop phishing attacks through globally crowd-sourced phishing intelligence from 25 million people, combined with advanced automation.   

Cofense’s PDR platform can be deployed as an integrated suite of products or as comprehensive managed PDR service through our Phishing Defense Center (PDC). Both options effectively stop phishing attacks and combat the acuity of attackers through a combination of people and automated technology that quickly reduces and removes the risk.  

Cofense’s PDR platform is the most holistic solution on the market, and includes: 

  • PhishMe: Completely rearchitected to address the needs of enterprise-size organizations, users can more easily and efficiently run phishing simulations and manage their security awareness program; carefully crafted simulations based on real – not theoretical – phish immerse users in the experience of being phished from end to end, improving an organization’s resiliency to attacks. 
  • Triage: The first phishing-specific orchestration, automation and response solution that helps identify active phishing attacks in progress; suspected phish are rapidly clustered and analyzed by SOC analysts who queue indicators for remediation. 
  • VisionDriven by automation, Vision quickly identifies all recipients of phishing attacks and automatically quarantines and removes the threat from all mailboxes; enables SOC and IR teams to proactively hunt for unreported threats, IOCs and TTPs, and creates transparent audit and governance of mitigation actions. 
  • Reporter: Report suspicious emails and notify security teams in real time — with just one click. Users flag potential threats and the original email and other valuable information is sent directly to an organization’s SOC be quickly analyzeand the attack stoppedInstant feedback reinforces user training, strengthening the front line of defense. And with quick deployment and PC, Mac, and mobile device compatibility, it’s easy to get any team up and running. 
  • Intelligence: Proprietary global collection sources provide an extensive real-time view into threat campaigns observed in the wild; delivers high-fidelity, phishingspecific alerts and intelligence, providing accurate and timely assessments of both the current phishing threat landscape and emerging trends. Information from the Intel solution can be easily integrated with existing SOARs, SIEMs and TIPs.

Cofense Managed PDR 

  • For enterprise organizations that prefer to seek managed solutions, the Cofense PDC team delivers Managed PDR, handling the entire phishing detection and response process. Security operators gain the expertise and resources — and the peace of mind — needed to proactively defend against current or emerging threats with unparalleled outcomes when they engagCofense’s Managed PDR. In fact, you can read about how the PDC team stopped and removed an attack in less than 10 minutes.

Thumbnail of Cofense website homepage showcasing email security solutions With the Cofense PDR Platform, you get:  

  • A global network of 25 million people actively identifying and reporting suspected phish 
  • Automation technology to quickly analyze, verify and quarantine phish throughout an organization 
  • Shared intelligence across teams and with others in a global network  
  • Effective, real-world phish simulation training 
  • Solutions delivered as integrated products or managed service 

 The Cofense combination of human detection with automated response and intelligence allows organizations to detect phish in their environment, educate employees on how to identify and report phish, and respond quickly to remediate the threats before there is harm done to their organization. Cofense is the only PDR platform, and the only one to provide all of these capabilities in one solution. Our goal is to enable every company to defend itself against phishing threats. And with the strength of our global Cofense network, together we can OutHuman the Threat.  

Learn more about Cofense and PDR, here.  

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