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With 96 percent of cyberattacks starting with phishing, and 1.5 million phishing websites created every month, managed service providers (MSPs) know – as does almost every enterprise business leader – that a new approach is needed to correct persistent gaps in phishing defense.

Standard email security solutions (aka secure email gateways, or SEGs), are thwarted daily by threat actors who know the technologies’ blind spots. MSPs, tasked with protecting SMBs against phishing attacks, can’t afford this level of risk.

Addressing Unmet Challenges

Cofense Protect MSP, formerly Cyberfish, is designed specifically to address key challenges this critical industry sector faces.

They need a solution that’s easy to deploy, requires no ongoing maintenance, offers monthly billing, provides a single interface for training and protection technology, and is designed with multi-tenancy functionality. All of that comes with Cofense Protect MSP.

The offering pairs Computer Vision (a field of artificial intelligence that simulates how humans see) with Cofense PhishMe’s real-world simulation training. Last year alone, Cofense’s Computer Vision technology scanned and neutralized more than 180 million emails, and more than 545 million URLs, offering near-immediate threat intelligence on emails, links and other content that bypassed SEGs. Cofense PhishMe, the phishing simulation technology, used by a quarter of the Fortune 1000, is built into the same user interface, allowing Cofense MSP partners to simulate the latest threats known to bypass SEGs. In doing so, MSPs empower their customers’ employees to be more resilient as they act as human sensors against phishing attackers.

Industry Experts Weigh In

According to Gartner, “Artificial intelligence (AI) methods and techniques are being integrated into products in many security market segments, potentially making this technology, in aggregate, the largest impact on attack detection development for the next five to eight years. AI technology’s impact on attack detection products will be felt in waves over the next eight years: network, modeling, anomalies and phishing (in that order)1.”

Gartner adds that “Innovative product leaders are addressing these challenges by introducing AI models that focus on detecting potential security threats earlier with greater accuracy and empowering security analysts to prioritize these data faster to achieve lower risk with high business value outcomes.” Key to that: “Machine learning (ML) models turn the challenge of overwhelming data volumes into an asset insofar as they have voracious appetites for data. The more you ‘feed’ them quality data, the more accurate and ‘intelligent’ their analysis becomes over time. Alternative to fixed traditional rule-sets, ML-driven systems learn and improve and become more efficient over time2.”

Customers Weigh In

But don’t take only our word for the solution’s merits. Here’s what customers had to say.

Paco Lebron, CEO, ProdigyTeks:

“Phishing has been a problem we’ve attempted to solve multiple times and realized we just need a dedicated solution. We tried out a few vendors, but none were as precise and efficient as Cyberfish. We see the impact on how it’s resolved multiple phishing attempts including imposter emails. This has saved our clients repeatedly. The company is easy to work with ranging from their support and SOC to allow us the peace of mind we need.”

Shaun Sexton, CEO, Skynet Innovations:

“Cofense was a fantastic move for us. Everyone has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The dashboard is really clean and easy to navigate, and the setup is a super quick, less than 5-minute process with no need to redirect email flow. Their staff is always on top of anything suspicious coming in that needs discussed.”

Warren Finkel, Managing Partner, ACE IT Solutions:

“Partnering with Cofense offers us reliable, much needed protection for our clients from the increasing threat of phishing attacks.  The quick deployment process, multi-tenant console, managed SOC service, and their commitment to supporting MSPs, are just a few of the many benefits of working with them.”

Paul Fickel, CIO, Manus Dei:

“If knowing that my customers are well taken care of helps me sleep at night; then implementing Cofense is better than taking a sleeping pill. This solution has helped us resolve one of our customer’s biggest vulnerabilities with a few clicks of a mouse.”

There’s More 

Organizations need and want phishing simulations delivered as part of a phishing defense solution–as–a–service, and they want them at a reasonable price. Cofense Protect MSP provides phishing protection for MSPs themselves at no charge.  

Through the acquisition of Cyberfish and integration of Computer Vision technology, Cofense eliminates the need for legacy email security solutions and stand-alone security awareness offerings.  

Cofense Protect MSP is a game-changer. Consider what it includes, and how it can boost powerful productivity and competitive outcomes: 

  • Our fully-managed solution detects and mitigates phishing attacks in the O365 and G-Suite environments you choose to activate. 
  • Utilizing our patented visual detection, we scan all emails to detect phishing before attacks are even detected. Attachments are scanned for phishing, as well. Only Cofense can do this.  
  • Deploy Cofense Protect MSP with the tools you’re using today for an effective side-by-side comparison and proof of concept. 
  • Our simple API integration sits next to the mail server; there’s no need for redirects or MX record changes. As soon as your first paying client is deployed, our MSP-friendly “protect your house” program ensures you are protected for free. 

Schedule your personalized demo or join our weekly live demo to learn more about this zero-second anti-phishing solution that uses AI-based, advanced Computer Vision technology to stop phishing attacks before they reach your inbox. We’ll say it again: Cofense Protect MSP is built for MSPs to deploy in less than a minute. Cofense can help you with choosing an email security solution Cofense can help you with choosing an email security solution. Find out how Cofense can work with you to earn great margins, add new revenue streams and more. Check out our press release and contact us at any time to give it a closer look. 


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1, 2 Gartner, “Emerging Technologies: AI in Security Attack Detection, Mark Driver, Elizabeth Kim, Swati Rakheja, Rustam Malik, 10 May 2021


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