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Computer Based Training: More of a Good Thing for More Audiences

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For many businesses, security awareness training is a regulatory requirement. When this training must be computer based (CBT) and SCORM-complaint, as well as fresh and relevant with best-in-class simulation, where do you go? On a tight budget and not ready to engage a new vendor? Cofense can help.

The Cofense Security Awareness Library has been updated with a clean new look for an improved learner experience in the latest (v6) edition of CBFree. Look for 18 new CBT modules in English, with other languages, including Arabic, coming later this year. The new modules are available now for SCORM delivery. For current, and new, customers with the Cofense Learning Management System (LMS), the new modules are rolling out in phases.

Cofense’s CBFree Security Awareness offering is a series of eLearning modules, full of up-to-date training and interactive content. Knowledge-check questions at the end help drive learning impact. The modules are available in SCORM 1.2 or 2004 with HTML5 responsive design, and are 508 compliant. They can be offered through your organization’s LMS or the Cofense LMS.

The Cofense CBTs cover critical security topics:

Advanced Spear Phishing Insider Threats Ransomware
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Internet of Things Security Out of the Office
Cloud Computing Malicious Links Social Engineering
Cybersecurity Malware Social Networking
Data Protection Mobile Device Passwords Spear Phishing
General Phishing Physical Security Surfing the Web

For many of our customers, security awareness CBT helps check a box to satisfy a compliance need. We recognize that this need is a requirement, so we provide a set of SCORM-compliant materials to help all companies – Cofense customers and non-customers alike – free of charge. Moreover, the same team that produces Cofense’s best-in-class simulations is behind the CBFree offerings.

This is content that can help you fend off cybercrime and threat actors while helping you stay at the top of your competitive game. Learn how you can better secure your business against cyber-attack. Contact us today to learn more or to launch a sample session.

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