There are Different Types of Cybercriminals: Which are the Most Dangerous?

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When we speak about cybercrimes, such as phishing and malware attacks, we tend to lump cybercriminals into one category but there are many different types of cybercriminals. They are not all motivated to steal credentials that lead to some sort of financial theft. While those types of crimes do occur, it is important to distinguish between the different types of cybercriminals that comprise today’s threatscape.

Here are cybercriminal examples in operation today:

  • Nation-states:Most notably, China, Iran, other nation-states looking to steal and infiltrate data.
  • Hacktivists: Activists or groups (like WikiLeaks) seeking to steal data and release it publicly.
  • Professional Cybercriminals:This group (led by technologists turned cybercriminal) does the most damage, particularly to financial institutions, retailers, e-commerce businesses, governments, etc. This group of cybercriminals actually creates more fraud, remediation and reputational damage than the other types of cybercriminals combined.

Regardless of which type of cybercriminal you’re dealing with, it is important for you to find who that bad guy is. That’s where enterprise security intelligence comes into play. This new technology, powered by big data, can help you locate, find and take legal action against a particular cybercriminal, or at least put the right countermeasures in place against that criminal and his behavior.

Which types of cybercriminals have you encountered in protecting your organization? Share your experience in the comments section below.


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