Doubling Down on PhishMe with New Features and Awareness Focus

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Back in 2008, Cofense™ (PhishMe®) pretty much invented the phishing awareness industry when we unveiled the first phishing simulation program for businesses. Cofense PhishMe™ made it easy to condition employees to recognize and report phishing emails and today, over 27 million (and counting) end users in 160 countries, including employees at half the Fortune 100, rely on our expertise.

It’s a legacy our company will never abandon as demonstrated by the slew of product enhancements Cofense announced this week. We’ve invested significantly – and will continue to do so –  to make the best even better with:

  • Recipient Management lets you upload new email recipients faster.

We are rolling out a new Recipient Management feature to save you time and aggravation when uploading new or updated recipients. It’s simple. Just import new lists to Cofense PhishMe and the engine does the rest of the work. You’ll be able to focus on building a result-driven program instead of managing user lists.  Dynamic Groups will also allow you to define a set of criteria and the system automatically pulls the recipients into your defined group.  Set Dynamic Groups for new hires, different departments or locations, and even for recipients that have fallen for a defined number of simulations. It’s easy to create and then run custom scenarios for any group created.  Then use the Recipient Report Cards to see how your users performed against your simulations – see what templates they’ve received, what actions they took, and their reporting rate with a simple click.

  • LMS Auto Enrollment makes it easy to move users to our learning management system.

LMS Auto Enrollment allows you to retrieve a list of recipients from Cofense PhishMe based on your criteria and automatically enroll them in a Cofense LMS™ course. Cofense LMS comes pre-loaded with four compliance modules, along with modules for 17 other security awareness topics. Cofense has always believed in the power of behavioral conditioning, using real life simulations and on-the-spot education to drive desired outcomes. With LMS Auto Enrollment, you’ll streamline the process.

  • Board Reports deliver board room-quality reporting.

Only Cofense provides these enhanced analytics. Share anti-phishing data with your board of directors or executive team. When sharing success or requesting funding to build on what you have, the power is in the numbers. Benchmark your data with overall industry stats to show progress and places to improve.

Figure 1: Sample of Cofense Board Reporting

  • Auto Attachment Tracking lets you track .docx and .xlsx files automatically.

Cofense is the first to enable the tracking of end users who mistakenly open attachments in phishing simulations, plus track those that click on links in opened attachments.  This helps you report on users who are more susceptible to the most common real-world attachments. Build dynamic groups to meet your program’s specific needs.

  • Plain Text Email gives you an important simulation option.

In some parts of the world, email communication is delivered as plain text.  Threat actors know this and send their phishing attacks in the same format. If you have users in regions where plain text is common, you’ll want to include plain text emails in your phishing simulations.

  • Awareness and educational content create learning that sticks.

To keep learning timely and relevant, we constantly release new content and update existing materials. We try to make delivery easier while adding interactive elements that keep end users attention. And with our active threat simulations, you can deliver current real-life scenarios, so users don’t fall susceptible.

As phishing evolves, so do our security awareness solutions.

Ten years after our founding, the email problem isn’t disappearing. Despite all the gains in technological solutions to phishing attacks, the best machinery doesn’t catch every malicious email.

When a cleverly crafted email conceals ransomware or social engineering, your employees need the training to find it and report it. When you can’t count on your users to act as human sensors, the price is often a breach that takes over 100 days to detect.

That’s why Cofense focuses on speeding innovations to market. Our tradition of product development has led us to be named, for the second year in a row, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Computer-Based Security Awareness. And we’re not resting on our laurels. As Cofense pioneers collective, collaborative phishing defense, look for continued investment where we began, in security awareness.

Look for continued updates to our solutions set!

Just last week we introduced Cofense ReporterTM for Mobile, allowing users to report phishing attempts from anywhere in real time. And next week we’re rolling out major updates to Cofense TriageTM, our automated phishing-specific incident response platform. Stay tuned for full details.

Learn more on how Cofense PhishMe reduces phishing susceptibility up to 95%.


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