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Healthcare’s Getting Smacked by Phishing. These Resources Can Help.

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This summer, phishing attacks continued to hammer healthcare.

Florida: Compromised email accounts, at last count 73, were used to send a phish which led to a breach at NCH Healthcare.1

Ohio: Eye Care Associates was hit with ransomware. The regional eye care provider’s systems were locked for several weeks. 2

Cofense Healthcare-image: Illustration of healthcare data security

New York: In the biggest healthcare breach so far in 2019, American Medical Collection Agency was breached to the tune of 25 million patient records. While phishing hasn’t been positively identified as the culprit, it’s high on the suspect list.3

Need Phishing Defense Resources? Start Here.

To help healthcare companies better defend against phishing, CofenseTM maintains a healthcare hub with information and solutions including:

Case Study: Getting Creative to Stop Attacks

After getting targeted by a credential phishing attack, one healthcare company got serious about phishing awareness and response. They turned to Cofense to help educate users to report suspicious emails.

Now the reporting rate is 3-7 times higher than the susceptibility rate. Even better: employees are reporting real phish that security teams are stopping faster, including credential harvesting phish, malicious URLs, and malware campaigns.

Read the full case study.

Infographic: 5 Ways Healthcare Can Beat Phishing

At the heart of these 5 tips: educate users to report phishing and benchmark your success.

Our infographic shows that healthcare companies have made progress in email reporting, but still lag behind other industries. View exclusive Cofense data that shows where healthcare stands, plus best practices and some newer phishing tactics to watch for.

See the infographic.

More Healthcare Content + Cofense Solutions

Watch a short video of a healthcare executive discussing how he trains users to spot phishing. Read blogs on healthcare security awareness, incident response, and how another healthcare company stopped a phishing attack in 19 minutes.

Plus, learn how Cofense solutions can protect your healthcare company from the inbox to the SOC.

Check out our healthcare hub now.


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