Here’s a Free Turnkey Phishing Awareness Program for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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So….it’s September and October is only a few weeks away. Have you started putting together your campaign for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) yet? If not, you’re in luck – we’ve created a complimentary turnkey phishing awareness program for you to quickly launch and look like a super hero to your leader AND your organization! And best yet, these resources can be used all year round – BECAUSE security awareness goes beyond October. 

It’s fun. It’s free. And you just add water. What more could a busy security awareness program manager want?

Meet the Cofenders

Since action heroes are all the rage, Cofense™ has created a few for you. Meet the League of Cofenders, a cast reflecting the people you need to fight phishing—your employees.

Each Cofender has an important role in your phishing defense. While two of the characters are security professionals, the other three are mild-mannered employees tapping their inner warriors and embracing security awareness as an extension of their jobs. Get a full description of each Cofender in the kit below!

Get Your Free Success Kit

Here’s the turnkey part. We’ve built the League of Cofenders Success Kit to be your program-in-a-box. It uses superheroes to train employees on their security roles, help condition them to recognize and report phishing, and highlight the power of your collective defense.

The kit includes everything you need to launch your Cofenders program, engage employees, and reward them as their performance improves. You’ll find a how-to guide detailing the program, emails to promote the program, posters, infographics, PowerPoint decks galore, badging tools, screensavers and some very cool stickers.

Really, who wouldn’t want these stickers on their laptops?











To be ready for your most productive NCSAM Month ever, download your success kit here!

And That’s Not All, Folks…

Cofense is also launching a new community that’s open to anyone trying to build a security culture within their organization. Check it out on our Security Awareness Resources page:

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