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Why Join Us at Cofense Submerge? Here’s What Attendees Say

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Next month in Orlando we’ll be hosting CofenseTM Submerge 2019, our fourth annual user conference and phishing defense summit. As we wrap up each event, we ask attendees for feedback. What did they like best? Networking and hearing other customers’ experiences are always the top responses. As a former customer who now works at Cofense, I totally agree.   

Here are some of the answers we heard last year when we asked, “Why attend Submerge?” 

“Sharing ideas was tremendously helpful to me—having the opportunity to meet other people from a variety of industries doing the same thing that I do.” 

We’re all on this journey together, so the opportunity to meet industry peers is invaluable. If you’re new to getting your phishing defense program started, networking with peers can go a long way. If you’ve been running your program for a while and want to recharge it or find out about the latest in the phishing threat landscape, this is the place to get all that! You’ll be amazed how folks in different industries deal with the very same challenges. 

“I’ve taken tons of notes that will help me justify budget and take our program to the next level.” 

When you can take tidbits back to your boss, tips and tricks you can use immediately, that’s a good return on investment. Submerge 2019 offers nearly 30 sessions packed with practical information. Besides getting inspired about the future, you can apply what you learn right away. 

 “Substantive case studies provided by clients who had good program maturity.” 

Each year we hear from our attendees that they prefer sessions that are led by other customers. And when customers speak, we listen. This year, 80% of our sessions will be led by customers. The topics of our sessions this year range from phishing programs to technical incident response and threat intelligence. In most cases, the session leaders will be your peers, people that manage mature phishing defense programs. 

“Submerge is knowledge, security, and innovation.” 

This year’s sessions cover the gamut: trends in security awareness and incident response, a glimpse at our product road map, deep dives on topics like dealing with repeat clickers, and lots more. Not only do we have great sessions, but we have Kevin Mandia, FireEye CEO, providing insights into the incident response landscape.  

So, don’t just take our word for it—ask around and you’ll hear many more reasons to attend Cofense Submerge. Join us in Orlando, September 23-24!  


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