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Managed Service Gives SMB’s More Security without the Headcount

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If you do a Google search on “SMB’s and cyber-security,” one best practice is hard to miss. The experts say it’s smart to give employees security training. All employees, not just the cyber-warriors in IT.

Another good idea: outsource your training. Let specialists spare you the cost of creating a security awareness program. Better security without more headcount—it’s why so many SMB’s trust Cofense PhishMeTM Managed Service.

The Affordable Way to Strengthen Your Cyber-Security Culture

A Cofense™ study showed that only 10% of small businesses have a separate cyber-security budget. Over 60% said cyber-security was just another part of IT. Lacking a dedicated security team, SMB’s often have a weak security culture.

This is precisely why cyber-attackers like to target SMB’s. According to USA Today, about half of all small businesses experience a cyber-attack and, as a result, many go belly up within six months. Even if your business survives, the damage can be considerable: loss of funds, customer data theft, and not-so-great press.

Of course, blowing up your staffing budget is another way to go broke, so SMB’s need to be creative. First, don’t panic. Michael Kaisser of the National Cyber Security Alliance says, “It seems like this big thing—I’m supposed to be doing everything. The fact is, you don’t have to do everything.”

Get Help from Cofense PhishMe Managed Service

You may be responsible for everything, but there’s a limit to everyone’s knowledge, not to mention their time and energy. Cofense PhishMe Managed Service can help fill the gaps, focusing on the #1 attack vector, phishing. We’ll manage your anti-phishing awareness program from A to Z.

For starters, we’ll assess your vulnerability to all types of phishing attacks. Then we’ll create a program of phishing simulations that reflect your weaknesses, as well as threats your business sees—for example, certain types of ransomware or social engineering scams.

Our partners in Cofense IntelligenceTM analyze millions of emails daily, including ones that target small business. That means we can simulate genuine threats that may be coming your way. We’ll also supply detailed reporting: which departments have the highest and lowest phishing susceptibility, overall susceptibility rates, email reporting rates, and more.

That’s a lot of bang for your thinly stretched buck. One study reveals that 90% of SMB IT decision-makers think that outsourcing security in general, including awareness training, would give their organizations better protection.

Yes, SMB’s need to be careful with their dollars. When you do the math—the cost of managed awareness training vs. the cost of headcount vs. the cost of a breach—you’ll see the level of ROI Cofense can deliver.

To learn more about our Cofense PhishMe Managed Service, read the datasheet.


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