National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2014

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With National Cyber Security Awareness month (NCSAM) upon us, the national spotlight is on best practices to stay safe and protect your data online. Thanks to the support of the National Cyber Security Alliance, Department of Homeland Security, and the White House , the month of October will feature a number of initiatives designed to increase the knowledge base about cyber security issues with the general population and promote DHS’ “Stop. Think. Connect.” program to empower individuals to be safer online. PhishMe is proud to participate by being a 2014 NCSAM champion, and have made a number of resources available to individuals looking to learn more about how to protect themselves from phishing, and to organizations trying to change their users’ behavior with more effective employee security training programs.

Since the majority of cyber-attacks originate with a phishing email, the best way for organizations and individuals to protect themselves online is to identify and avoid phishing emails. With this in mind, we’ve developed a special infographic “How to Spot a Phish” that provides a guide for recognizing the tell-tale signs of a phishing email.


For more resources on safe email use:

Our videos page features “Phishing vs. Spear Phishing” which describes how attackers gather information over the Internet to develop emails that target users and information.

Our webinars page includes a presentation on “Social Graces: How to Use Social Media without Compromising Your Reputation, Identity and Employer” which outlines best practices for safe social media use.

For ongoing updates throughout the month, follow @PhishMe on Twitter.


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