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PhishMe Reporter: 5 Reasons Why 10M Users Are a Big Deal

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Okay, so it’s not billions of burgers. But when PhishMe Reporter® recently hit the 10 million mark—now deployed to 10 million end users’ work stations—the milestone was more than just a big number. A few reasons why:

  1. 10 million people and their companies are more resilient to phishing.

Employees use tools that (a) are easy and (b) work. That’s PhishMe Reporter. With one click on your email toolbar, you can report a suspicious email that could deliver ransomware or some other type of malware, or maybe attempt wire fraud. It builds resiliency to the #1 attack vector.

  1. Reporter boosts resiliency against all types of phishing attacks.

According to PhishMe’s 2017 Phishing Resiliency and Defense Report, susceptibility is down across PhishMe customers while reporting and resiliency are growing against all types of attacks—attachment, click only and data entry. Reporting is the link between susceptibility and resiliency. Again, when you make reporting easier, phishing defense hardens.

  1. Sometimes, users report phishing before anyone takes the bait.

We’ve seen it in customers’ simulations. When the same happens during real phishing attacks, your incident response team can get ahead of threats and prevent widespread damage.

  1. When reporting goes up, susceptibility drops. In fact, we’ve proven it.

Once more, check our Phishing Resiliency and Defense Report. It shows that over three years, users of PhishMe Reporter were clearly less susceptible than users who didn’t have it. When employees have a way to act against threats, not simply spot and avoid them, they’re more involved and more likely to maintain a state of vigilance.

  1. There’s steady growth in users who “see something, say something.”

Since we introduced PhishMe Reporter in 2013, we’ve seen reporting steadily climb across all active customers. The overall average is now above 20%, with some customers pushing past 50%. Imagine over half your people being an active part of your phishing defense!

There you have it—5 reasons why 10 million is a significant number. We’re lovin’ this. Learn more about PhishMe Reporter here.


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