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The PhishMe Advantage – ROI

Return on Investment

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) from your PhishMe solution is simple and easy. The most obvious and significant impact is the dramatic reduction you will see in the overall risk of a phishing attack both getting past your perimeter protection and your skilled users but there are other ways to measure your investment:

Monetary ROI

Customers can realize monetary ROI from PhishMe by reducing their overall risk to phishing and other security threats. Adversaries have successfully employed phishing tactics to steal intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive information that can harm an organization’s competitive advantage and reputation.

The costs of a data breach vary and can range from hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars. The costs of incident response and mitigation will be, at a minimum, a few hundred thousand to millions of dollars. While the loss of intellectual property and sensitive information can have a severe financial and legal impact on an organization.

PhishMe’s solutions lower the likelihood of users being susceptible to various security risks while also increasing your IT Security team’s ability to quickly and accurately identify and mitigate an attack in progress. PhishMe’s experience sending simulated phishing attacks to over 20 million unique users has shown that prior to training, organizations show a reduction in repeat “clicker” susceptibility to phishing of 95%.  Download our Phishing Susceptibility Report for the full details.

Time ROI

There is also the opportunity cost view of measuring the ROI from PhishMe. Specifically, this includes the amount of time and resources your IT organization must commit when responding to user reports of falling for phishing attacks, resetting passwords, slow computer performance caused by malware, and unwinding the damage caused by such incidents. The internal cost to identify, respond, triage and recover compromised systems can place an unbearable strain on the IT service organization. Most firms find that cutting the need for this effort by 50% to 80% results in significant savings of time, labor and energy, all of which can be focused on core business operations that can help your business grow.

PhishMe’s innovative training solutions will save your entire organization time and resources while increasing employee productivity. On average, PhishMe simulated training exercises conducted periodically takes 1/30th as much time as traditional computer-based training (CBT).


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