PhishMe surpasses 200 customers and 4 million users trained

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CHANTILLY, Va., May 28, 2013 — PhishMe, the leading enterprise provider of immersive phishing awareness training, has now trained over 4 million unique users at 200 different organizations. PhishMe’s customer base includes a number of the Fortune 500, and leaders in the financial, energy, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors. This milestone demonstrates how enterprises globally are working to counter the most common attack methodology used to compromise networks through managing employee behavior.

This growth has allowed PhishMe to expand its support and development staff, and enabled the development of fresh training and scenario content to customers. PhishMe dedicates resources to developing new scenario templates on a consistent basis, ensuring that campaign content keeps pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape. PhishMe recently added several new training videos developed in conjunction with a 3rd party vendor that offer customers professionally produced training modules that train employees on emerging threats in an effective and entertaining manner. These videos are available with narrators in a variety of foreign languages and local accents, allowing PhishMe to accommodate its increasingly global customer base.

“The constant development of new content for our customers has been a huge focus for PhishMe since our inception,” Aaron Higbee, PhishMe Chief Technology Officer, said. “Many don’t realize how much time and effort developing this content requires. Our recent growth has allowed us to devote more resources to these efforts and we’ve been able to create new offerings at a rate and quality that no one can match.”

Earlier this year, PhishMe rolled out three new features — Benchmarking, Double Barrel, and the Highly Visible Target Identifier that offer customers new scenario options and additional reporting data. PhishMe’s new content and features incorporate feedback from customers, as well as trends observed in the field.

“PhishMe’s diverse customer base has helped drive the development of new features and content that provide further value for large enterprise,” said Scott Greaux, PhishMe Vice President of Product Management and Services. “Our unique benchmarking scenario lets our customers anonymously compare themselves to other PhishMe customers — often leading organizations in their field — something none of our competitors can offer. The Double Barrel scenario and Highly Visible Target Identifier allow organizations with well-established awareness programs to enhance their program and address more advanced phishing tactics.”

A number of high-profile data breaches traced to phishing and recent reports published by several prominent security firms, including Mandiant’s APT1 report, have confirmed that phishing continues to be top attack method used by APT.

“The need for immersive training to address the phishing threat is now widely accepted as a critical component of an organization’s cyber defense capability,” said Jim Hansen, PhishMe’s Executive Vice President.

PhishMe’s development team is continuously extending product capabilities based on real-world customer feedback and training results. Through the use of PhishMe’s training and awareness methods, organizations can reduce an employee’s susceptibility by approximately 80 percent. For additional information on PhishMe’s training and mock phishing exercises, or to inquire about a free trial, please visit:

About PhishMe

PhishMe provides organizations the ability to improve their employees’ resilience towards spear phishing, malware, and drive-by attacks. The detailed metrics PhishMe provides make it easy to measure the organization’s progress in successfully managing employees’ security behavior. With over 4 million individuals trained in 160 countries, PhishMe has been proven to reduce the threat of employees falling victim to advanced cyber attacks by up to 80 percent.

PhishMe’s methodology entails periodically immersing employees in simulated phishing scenarios, and presenting bite-sized, engaging training, instantly to those found susceptible. The solution provides clear and accurate reporting on user behavior, allowing customers to measure improvement over time. PhishMe works with Federal Agencies and Fortune 1000 companies across many industries to include financial services, healthcare, higher education and defense. For additional information, please visit:

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