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Cofense Labs Has Identified a Sextortion Botnet in the Wild – and it’s Growing

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By Tonia Dudley, Cofense Security Solutions

Every day, CofenseTM threat analysts and researchers monitor phishing and cyber security threats in the wild. In June of 2019, our researchers uncovered a sextortion botnet that contained a list of 200 million email addresses. Read the original announcement here.

That database has since grown to over 330 million email addresses.

We have also identified an increase in the number of unique web domains being targeted by the botnet. When we released our original findings, the database had close to 6 million unique domains. That total has grown to 7.4 million unique domains.

To be clear, this threat is not a breach of any Cofense data or systems. Rather, it’s a botnet that our research team discovered out in the wild. The botnet uses email addresses and credentials which we believe were acquired via a series of breaches over the past decade. Visit our info center for additional resources.

Screenshot of a sextortion email message threatening to release compromising photosFig. Sample containing text as images to deceive automated analysis

Cofense LabsTM has created a sextortion lookup tool to check impacted accounts and domains as well as a resource center with helpful tips on how to protect your organization and your personal accounts from falling victim to these types of threats as well as the steps you can take should you receive a sextortion scam.

Cofense Labs will continue to monitor the botnet and share updates on our Twitter handles @Cofense and @CofenseLabs.


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