Take Advantage of Our Free Tools and Resources During National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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It’s fitting that National Cyber Security Awareness Month ends on Halloween. October is the time to contemplate scary things, whether ghouls, folks in lederhosen stumbling about with steins or real-deal cyber threats: phishing emails loaded with ransomware.

PhishMe® is doing its part to keep security on people’s radar. Of course, we prefer to go beyond awareness to behavioral conditioning, so that folks already aware of threats like phishing can help combat them. But there’s value in simply raising awareness. Here’s how we’re doing our part.

Free tools to help you fight phishing.

If you run a small business, PhishMe® Free is for you. It lets you simulate phishing email campaigns to condition your employees to recognize and report the real thing. PhishMe Free mimics the real-life tactics phishing attackers use. It delivers measurable results via 12 phishing scenarios per year.

Also check out PhishMe CBFree, our library of computer-based learning. Using the latest eLearning techniques, each module takes roughly five minutes and some are available in multiple languages. Examples: Payment Data Compliance, covering credit cardholder data security, and Advanced Spear Phishing.

Beef up your security presentations.

PhishMe has new PowerPoint and infographic slides on security topics like business email compromise (BEC), spear phishing and encryption ransomware. They’re yours to use free.

Download anti-phishing posters and infographics to display at your office.

For instance:

And this infographic:

There are bunch more to choose from—have a look. Spruce up your break room while helping to spread the word about anti-phishing.

We’ll also keep blogging throughout the month to pass along tips and tricks to help your organization raise its security awareness.

Learn more about National Security Awareness Month from the Department of Homeland Security.

Don’t miss another threat – subscribe to our no-cost subscription service PhishMe® Threat Alerts today and receive real-time updates on new and emerging phishing and malware threats, delivered straight to your inbox.


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