Team Up Against Phishing at PhishMe Submerge 2017

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Anti-phishing, like all security, is a team sport. (Apologies for that metaphor, but football season is here.)

So join PhishMe® and other security professionals at PhishMe Submerge 2017, our second annual User Conference and Phishing Defense Summit, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, Gaylord Hotel, Washington National Harbor.

PhishMe customers can connect with other PhishMe experts and front-line peers who have the strategies and experience to keep your business safer through fortified phishing defense programs.

Learn the latest on phishing resilience.

There are 30+ sessions, 14 in our Phishing Resilience track alone. Our speakers will break down the latest threats plus share innovations to educate employees and speed up phishing detection.

You’ll find basic sessions on using PhishMe Simulator™ and PhishMe Reporter®; an overview of how to measure your phishing simulation program and analyze behavioral change; PhishMe product updates and roadmaps; a customer panel on the metrics that matter in security awareness training; and a great deal more.

Connect with PhishMe experts + front-line peers.

Meet a cybersecurity evangelist with a major power company, who will lead our panel discussion “Phishing Defense Best Practices.” He and other distinguished panelists will examine how they create human firewalls of trained employees to build a culture of security.

You’ll also hear from a Fortune 100 security consultant on a must-know topic, “The Role of Emotions in Clicking.”

And a security executive from the defense and intelligence industries will show how her organization uses anti-phishing metrics to drive threat awareness and better results.

Plus Rock the 80’s at our welcome reception!

Don’t miss our 80’s party, Wednesday evening, November 29, starring The Reagan Years, the ultimate 80’s tribute band. Kick off the conference with Madonna, Bon Jovi and all your 80’s faves. Relax and network with people decked out in period costumes, break out your old dance moves and help yourself to the open food and bar.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Thursday night, November 30, we’re gathering in the rooftop lounge for “cocktails with a view” of the Potomac River and the nation’s capital.

In the fight against phishing, it’s good to have team support. You’ll find it in spades at Submerge. Register today!

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