To stop rapidly evolving phishing attacks, you need more than a layered defense. You need the right layers. Our bundled solutions equip your teams to find, report, respond to, and neutralize phishing threats by fusing human intelligence and advanced technology.

The Bundled Solutions Toolkit

90% of the phish Cofense verifies for customers are found in environments using secure email gateways. So much for foolproof technology. When phish get past the perimeter, you need 20/20 vision: users conditioned to see and report threats, plus security teams with the visibility to stop attacks in minutes. Kit includes an ebook, infographic, research papers, and case studies to highlight intelligent phishing defense. Download Toolkit

*Defense Bundle is available with and without threat intelligence from Cofense Intelligence

Managed Phishing Defense

The gold standard in phishing defense. Working closely with Cofense Professional Services, we’ll define and execute a phishing simulation program that meets your goals while adhering to best practices. Offload the analysis of user-reported emails to the Cofense Phishing Defense Center, providing fast, actionable intelligence, complete with IOCs and essential context to respond to and mitigate phishing threats quickly. Experience the “network effect”—gaining greater visibility thanks to our teams’ views of threats in the wild and across Cofense customers. Let the experts manage and execute your phishing defense program.

Bundle Includes:
Cofense PhishMe, Cofense Reporter, Cofense Triage, Cofense Vision, Cofense Intelligence, Cofense PDC