Imagine a cunning phisher: he knows his craft and sends your users an email appearing to come from your CEO that bypasses all your other technology. What would you do? A Cofense customer faced that very scenario and relied on Cofense TriageTM and the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) to analyze, respond to, and resolve the attack—in less than 20 minutes after it launched.

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You’re learning the hard way, right? MS Outlook is NOT an incident response platform. Secure email gateways don’t catch everything. And doing nothing, well-that’s not a great option either.

Cofense Triage is purpose-built to respond to phishing attacks. It accelerates response by automating analysis and clustering phishing emails by campaign. Now you can see attacks in progress and verify them quickly. Push attack intel wherever it needs to go — to defense layers, operational teams, and incident management solutions. Orchestrate a smarter, faster response to active threats. Watch the video to learn more. 

Phishing Threat and Malware Review 2019

Learn how 90% of verified phish were found in environments using secure email gateways (SEGs). That’s just one of the key findings in this expanded report, now covering phishing threats as well as malware developments. Technology can’t keep pace with threat actor innovation. Read the report and see why human intelligence is essential.

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See 6 new ways attackers are phishing you this year.

Six Phishing Predictions: 2019. In volume and complexity, phishing attacks are getting worse. Over 90% of breaches begin as phishing emails or other social engineering tactics. To stop phishing attacks, it helps to see them coming. Learn the six phishing trends our experts anticipate will define phishing attacks this year, and know what your team should watch for.

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