Phish Fryday – Office Macros in Phishing Attacks

Automation with macros in Microsoft Office documents has been with us for decades. The abuse of these macros has been with us for almost as long, as attackers leverage the functionality  – and the common permissions needed to run them – to cause considerable harm to organizations. In this episode, we speak with Cofense Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Max Gannon to discuss the latest phishing threats and how they leverage macros to compromise organizations.

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Phish Fryday – Cloud Services in Phishing Attacks

Cloud platforms, such as Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox provide tremendous value to organizations looking to collaborate. Unfortunately, there are plenty of attackers willing to leverage our trust in these platforms for their own gain. On this week’s episode, we speak with Cofense Senior Intelligence Specialist Alan Rainer about the various ways attackers are using these technologies to bypass defenses and distribute malware and execute phishing campaigns.

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Phish Fryday – Tension between Iran and the US Increases Cyber Threat

As the situation between Iran and the United States escalates, there has been considerable speculation as to how Iran might respond to the recent actions of the US. In this episode, we speak with Mollie MacDougall, an expert on cyber and international security and the Product Manager for Cofense Threat Intelligence, to learn more about Iran’s cyber capabilities and their history in the use of cyberattacks.

Phish Fryday – The Latest on Emotet

The Emotet botnet has undergone quite a few changes in 2019 and Cofense Senior Research Engineer Jason Meurer joins us to discuss the latest variations. What has changed and how can organizations continue to detect and protect themselves from Emotet? Tune in to find out.

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