The rapid removal of threats has never mattered more. In our Annual State of Phishing Report, we discuss how 2020 saw the emergence of new threat actors, the appearance of some old ones, and changes in malware and phishing attacks.

Join Cofense CTO & Co-founder, Aaron Higbee & Strategic Advisor, Tonia Dudley, as they share the best and worst of 2020, and what we learned about phishing, phishing attacks, threat actors, malware, and more.

Attend the webinar and learn:

  •  How attackers are diversifying the malware used in phishing campaigns
  •  How over 50% of phish reported to the Cofense PDC by end-users are credential phish
  •  How the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the phishing landscape
  •  How you can’t stop human attackers without human reporting and analysis