Over the holidays, local governments have quickly responded to mitigate the risk of rising clusters, and to contain a new COVID-19 strain from spreading.

In the cybersecurity landscape, new phishing variations are emerging daily to evade security perimeters, and they can remain undetected for months. Security teams spend up to 80% of their time analyzing 25% of phishing threats leaving a significant portion of emails unassessed, driving up operational costs, and exposing companies to new risks. On the other hand, many organisations may not have the budget, expertise, or task force required to monitor evolving threat tactics designed to exploit human errors, vulnerabilities on legacy systems, and out-dated workflows.

How can organisations reduce dwell time and stop a phishing attack in minutes with limited resources?

Join the experts of Cofense and other senior security professionals across different industries to share insights and strategies on strengthening the cybersecurity posture in 2021. The topics for discussion include:

  • The latest phishing trends and tactics evading SEGs delivering credential phish and malware to users
  • Finding cybersecurity talent – the domino effect of COVID on the industry’s talent pool
  • Catching a phish in murky waters – gain visibility to unknown phishing threats
  • Frameworks to reduce the burden on SOC teams through automated quarantine and response workflows
  • Capex vs. Opex: The secret of success through both models