As phishing attacks continue to become more sophisticated, persistent, and adapt to legacy security defenses, demand for end-to-end phishing defense solutions is at an all-time high.
Cybersecurity and IT executives are focused on digital transformation efforts and migration to cloud email services. Cofense is here to help accelerate those efforts.Our cloud-native Phishing Detection & Response (PDR) platform combines high-fidelity phishing intelligence with advanced automation capabilities. When used with the existing email security provided by Microsoft or Google, you can eliminate the need for expensive, slow-to-deploy, legacy email security solutions, reducing cost and risk.
Join other Cofense customers and connect with Tonia Dudley, Cofense Strategic Advisor, to dive deeper into how you can achieve accelerated digital transformation with:
  • Rapid detection and response to phishing attacks in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Global crowd-sourced phishing intelligence from 26 million people reporting suspected phish
  • Seamless automation – no more worry about upgrades and security patches
  • Personalized security reports, actionable intelligence and direct access to phishing experts