Your employees are the key to a successful defence strategy

Emotet has become a serious phishing threat to many organisations in Japan. The botnet has evolved to evade secure email gateways (SEGs), where these highly crafted targeted attacks are fooling business users to interact with malicious emails. Networks are compromised, increasing the company’s exposure and risk towards a security breach.

How can your organisation defend against a malicious threat when it’s not blocked by technology?

Leverage your employees to be the front line of your defence team by training users on how to detect and respond to a phishing email in their mailbox. Hear from Cofense security expert Taira Fujita as he provides an in-depth review of the threat actor and how it has evolved over the years as seen by the intelligence and research teams at Cofense.

Join us to:
• Understand the various styles and techniques used by Emotet to outsmart perimeter controls
• Gain insight into the phishing threat landscape targeting organisations today
• Learn the strategies and best practices to better defend against the rising threat