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As cyber threats continue to evolve, the oil and natural gas industry faces increased threats as hackers find new ways to attack and access sensitive information. Phishing attacks aim to steal and leverage sensitive information of both the common ONG consumer and supplier base. Energy suppliers are also a prime target for ransomware and other extortionist operators.

Sign up for 30 FREE days of Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ to proactively defend your organization from phishing attacks and learn what you can do about the attacks that are likely lurking right now! Ingest our IOC feed to automate proactive defense and detection of emergent campaigns that are reaching other end users.

Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ includes:

  • Executive Phishing Summaries & Strategic Analysis to ensure your resources are appropriately aligned
  • Active Threats Reports & Flash Reports provide timely updates on active phish
  • Quarterly Trend Reviews provide a look back at noteworthy changes to the threat landscape
  • Understand top phishing threats with:
    • Top Malware interactive chart
    • Top Delivery Mechanisms interactive chart
    • Trending Words in Phishing Subjects
    • Frequently Seen IOCs
  • Easy Access to the Cofense Intelligence Blog

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What Our Customers Say

“It (ThreatHQ) provides easy access to threat analysis and the addition of the visual dashboard helps in determining which threats to survey for when threat hunting within our own organization.”
– Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ customer

About Cofense Intelligence

The team in Cofense Intelligence has a singular mission: to proactively deliver information that helps stop phishing and malware attacks. We know that actionable intelligence can’t come from machines alone. Combining proprietary technologies with human-vetted analysis, we deliver information to stop threats that are otherwise undetected. Our vendor-neutral insights into phish that bypass gateways help you tune controls and accelerate threat hunting.

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