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Human Phishing Defense Tackle Box – Cofense Intelligence and IBM QRadar®

PhishMe® and IBM have teamed up to provide security operations with essentials for their phishing defense program. Security teams don’t want standalone security products; they need holistic security solutions and through partner integrations.

That’s why PhishMe and IBM have partnered to help enterprise businesses defend against credential-stealing, malware, ransomware, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing.

Leveraging IBM QRadar and IBM App Exchange, PhishMe Intelligence is an integration solution aimed at providing security teams with the visibility they need to detect, alert, and respond to phishing threats. The PhishMe Intelligence App in IBM Security App Exchange consumes phishing source IPs, URLs, hostnames, and malicious files hash values that attackers use in their criminal operation. When the app is installed, QRadar ingests a credible source of intelligence and analysts can take action based on indicator impact ratings. With PhishMe Intelligence, QRadar clearly outlines major, moderate, minor, and none, impact ratings for analysts, which can give them the insight they need into which events to prioritize in their response plan.

Join PhishMe and IBM for a webinar at 11AM EDT, on September 14, 2017. PhishMe and IBM will provide actionable insight to evolve the next-gen SOC with behavioral patterns and using phishing intelligence. Speed to incident response is essential, and with PhishMe Intelligence integrated with QRadar and App Exchange, security teams will increase their visibility with phishing threats.

Curious how PhishMe Intelligence works in QRadar to detect phishing ransomware? Look no further than this video explaining the integration and how security teams can benefit.

In the meantime, navigate on over to IBM’s Security Intelligence blog to understand how security teams are reeling in the big phishing threats with this integration. While you’re at it, take a look at PhishMe’s IBM-validated App along with putting your SOC in order, in short order.