If I was a hacker…err cracker…

  1. I would be very busy the week of Christmas, while IT security staff is probably operating at 20% normal strength. Not only is it the weakness in numbers, but also the holiday mood.  How many of you are actually working full days? IDS logs – thats probably the last thing on your mind now that you have Guitar Hero III in the breakroom.
  2. I would get busy if I heard that a company was being acquired. From my experience, most companies put a freeze on all discretionary spending from the time a deal is announced untill it closes. Unfortunately, security is often thrown into that discretionary spending budget, making it easy on the bad guys for several months!
  3. If I really wanted to spend Christmas with my family, I would just come back another time and phish employees…that works irrespective of season.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Stay safe.


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  1. No joke; the world stops spinning between the last Friday before Christmas until a few days after the 1st of the year. Vacations, company holidays, folks being let out on half-day so managers get a faction boost.

    Anyone left behind isn't going to be hard to chat up and get whatever intel you might want.

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