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For Triage customers looking to identify threats faster and with more accuracy, Cofense Triage combined with Cofense Intelligence provides greater insight and the contextual information needed to take actionable steps to detect and respond to malicious email threats faster. 

Integrating Cofense Intelligence with Triage gives you a high-fidelity IOC threat feed where threats are classified as major, moderate and minor, pulling any threat classified as “major” into the interface and tagging them for action so a SOC analyst can easily identify and act on these malicious threats with high confidence.

Sign up for your 60 day trial today and see how you can quickly identify and act on real-time active threats, saving time and resources.
“It (ThreatHQ) provides easy access to threat analysis and the addition of the visual dashboard helps in determining which threats to survey for when threat hunting within our own organization.”
- Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ customer

About Cofense Intelligence

The team in Cofense Intelligence has a singular mission: to proactively deliver information that helps stop phishing and malware attacks. We know that actionable intelligence can’t come from machines alone. Combining proprietary technologies with human-vetted analysis, we deliver information to stop threats that are otherwise undetected. Our vendor-neutral insights into phish that bypass gateways help you tune controls and accelerate threat hunting.

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