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Exploring the Benefits of Cofense PhishMe

Why Cofense PhishMe?

Deliver the latest threat simulations to active users with industry leading cybersecurity training capabilities.

Empower your users to be human threat detectors

Phishing attacks only work when people take the bait. But what if you could turn your employees into human sensors, a resilient line of defense instead of sitting targets. You know the dangers and impact of Phishing and technology alone, isn’t enough to stop them from getting through. Did you know there’s a human driven solution that’s proven to get results? It’s used by 50% of the fortune 100, because it conditions employees to recognize phishing emails, Cofense PhishMe. It transforms your employees into an active line of defense, enabling them to recognize dangerous phishing emails, the Cofense methodology, don’t just train condition, your employees to detect various Phishing tactics. We simulate the latest Phishing emails based on real threats like ransomware and business email compromise through simulations. Employees learn to recognize actual phishing attacks instantly and get immediate validation until Phishing identification becomes second nature combined with Cofense, CBT’s and LMS employees receive a complete education and conditioning program to resist Phishing threats.

Once they learn to recognize suspicious emails, they become an active part of your defense alerting and accelerating incident response. Utilizing Cofense Reporter a one click method for reporting suspicious emails, Cofense PhishMe plus Cofense reporter helps your SOC and IR teams find attacks and progress faster increases your employee’s level of engagement and makes your entire organization more resilient to Phishing attacks. With over 30 million employees trained worldwide and over 12 million reporter installations, Cofense offers the most comprehensive anti-phishing defense. Your business can deploy to learn more request a free demo today.


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