Here at Cofense, we know that cyber security awareness training isn’t limited to phishing protection. Although we primarily focus on conditioning employees to resist phishing attempts, and empower them to become part of the solution by identifying and reporting attacks in real time, we can help you combat threats from other online sources.

Based on our experience in threats and threat management, we have compiled a series of SCORM-compliant, cyber security awareness training modules. They’re yours free to download and use via a Learning Management System or as interactive PDFs. The training modules cover many areas of security to enhance defenses against threats from numerous sources, both online and offline.

Areas Covered by the Training Modules

Our cyber security awareness training modules are relevant to every business, whether you operate within a regulated industry or not. They include topics related to today´s biggest cyber security threats— malware, ransomware, social networking, safe surfing, phishing and more—as well as commonly overlooked threats such as password protection, device security and insider threats.

For employees in certain departments, we’ve built modules relating to business email compromise, cloud computing and environmental security. Every business that gathers, stores or processes data relating to EU residents should review our module about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that takes effect in May 2018.

For businesses in regulated industries, cyber security awareness training is more than a check-a-box compliance requirement. It must be frequent and ongoing. Likewise, we regularly update our training modules on payment data compliance, personal data compliance and healthcare compliance to keep up with changes in the regulatory environment.

Why Phishing Training Needs to be Comprehensive

The hardest part of phishing training is building a business culture of openness and awareness. Mistakes happen. Effective phishing training helps employees identify, report and mitigate phishing attacks with continuous awareness training and informative reports.

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Where to Find our Cyber Security Awareness Training

You’ll find our cyber security awareness training modules on our “CBFree Computer-Based Training” web page. If you’d like to review a demo module before downloading the complete set of files, check out the short module on safe web surfing. Many of the modules are available in up to seven languages for the benefit of businesses with multi-national employees.

Each of the training modules uses engaging eLearning techniques that help employees absorb and retain content. The modules take about five minutes to complete and have an additional interactive Q&A section that can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Use them as stand-alone training or integrate with your business´s existing training program.

To view our comprehensive approach to cyber security awareness training, request a free trial of  Cofense PhishMe. Our award-winning behavior-conditioning software can reduce susceptibility to phishing emails by up to 95%. You can customize Cofense PhishMe to reflect the threats most prevalent in your industry.

If you have any questions about how best to use our training modules, or need more information about trialing Cofense for free, contact us today and speak with a support team expert.