Join Cofense & Brinthesis as we take a look at the cybersecurity threats Italian organisations face, and the importance of building a strong layered defense. In the session we will cover:
  • What threats Cofense have found bypass traditional SEG technology and what to look out for in 2023
  • What is an adaptive layered security architecture and how to maximise your employees
  • A demonstration of what the technology looks like and how it works
Alain Salesse
Principal Sales Engineer
Alain Salesse is a Principal Sales Engineer at Cofense. Alain has spent 25 years working for and with large enterprises and service providers to improve the efficiency and value of their IT operations and security services through the effective use of systems management technologies. In his current position Alain helps organisations to better protect themselves against phishing attacks.
Massimo Fanton
Massimo Fanton has spent his entire working career in the IT sector working with multinational supplier companies, he founded Brinthesis in 2014 with Loreno Patron. We are focused on Cyber Security issues, our operating model provides for constant cooperation with Clients and Partners, sharing skills and knowledge, supported by a network of Analysts, Venture Capital and Developers of innovative technologies.


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