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Become a Special Agent for BEC

Business Email Compromise (BEC) has disastrous consequences for victims – from financial losses due to fraudulent payments, stolen proprietary information and extortion demands, to reputation damage resulting from compromised business systems.

Watch and learn as United States Secret Service personnel from the Secret Service’s Global Investigative Operations Center (GIOC) give a briefing on Business Email Compromise trends in 2023. They discuss the evolving overarching scheme of BEC and how it connects to other criminal activity, emerging tactics, and a profile on a recent case. This briefing also provides an incident response roadmap for when a BEC is encountered.

Real facts about Business Email Compromise:

  • BEC is the #1 cybercrime for financial loss 7 years running
  • $400 Billion lost so far to BEC
  • More than 70% of organizations have experienced a BEC attack
  • Email remains the number one vector for malware delivery

Hosted By:

Tonia Dudley, Chief Evangelist at Cofense - headshot

Tonia Dudley, CISO

Guest Speakers:

Abigail Tyrell
Special Agent
USSS Global Investigative Operations Center

Steven Dougherty
Financial Investigator/Forensic Analyst
USSS Global Investigative Operations Center

Michael Johns
Director of Private and Public Sector Outreach for Cyber Security
US Secret Service


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