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Cofense Protect+

Real-Time Email Threat Protection + Security Awareness Training
Built for the Mid-Market

Stop Threats Before They Hit the Inbox

A low-touch, “set it and forget it” complete email security solution for mid-market customers, Cofense Protect+ combines protection, realistic simulations, and security awareness training all in one platform. Using Cofense’s crowd-sourced intelligence, Protect+ detects email attacks by visually analyzing and inspecting emails, landing pages, and attachments in real-time.


  • Simulations, automated threat protection and security awareness training in one platform.
  • Rapid deployment and “set-it-and-forget-it” environment.
  • Real-time scanning & analysis powered by enterprise-grade threat intelligence
  • Detect email attacks and automatically remove threats before they reach the inbox.
  • Robust, easy-to-use dashboard reports on threat protection, security awareness training and more.

Dive Deeper into Cofense Protect+

Protect+ combines email attack protection, realistic simulation, and training that is fully automated provides real-time protection powered by Cofense’s crowd-sourced intelligence network, and even includes an “easy button” for users to report suspicious emails, helping customers create the most resilient employee reporting culture possible.

Watch On-Demand and take a deep dive & demo of Cofense Protect+ which provides everything an organization needs for email security in one fully integrated platform.

Complete Email Security Purpose-Built for the Mid-Market

Consolidate Without Compromise: Email Threat Protection + Security Awareness Training in One Easy-to-Use Platform
Fully Automated

Fully Automated

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Real-Time Scanning and Analysis

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Enterprise-Grade Threat Intelligence

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What Our Customers Say

"It simply came down to who is the most advanced in the industry and who is the most effective. We felt that Cofense is the clear leader in this space."
- Chief Information Security Officer


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