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Strengthening Your Business Email Security:
A Roadmap to Protecting Your Data

Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to email-based threats like BEC, credential phishing, and ransomware attacks. Traditional email security solutions are not enough to stop today’s most advanced threats. This is why Cofense is 100% focused on building solutions for our customers to tackle those threats and stay one step ahead of the bad actors. 

Watch our on-demand email security product roadmap webinar and learn from our product experts about the email security technology innovations Cofense is developing to help customers defend against the latest email-borne cybersecurity threats. We discuss product enhancements and innovations that will help you better identify, detect, protect, and respond when an email-based threat strikes – so you can keep your business and sensitive data safe.

Discussion topics will cover:

  • ✓ What makes a best of breed email security solution
  • ✓ How to ensure your users are resilient
  • ✓ The role threat reporting plays in email security
  • ✓ Why auto quarantine is changing the game
  • ✓ How to leverage Cofense Threat Intelligence feeds

Meet your Speakers:

David Alison
Dave Alison
Senior VP, Products
Colleen Gustitus
Colleen Gustitus
Director, Product Marketing


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