Phishing Protection for Managed Service Providers

Protect your business and customers with advanced email security & awareness training from a single multi-tenanted UI.

Grow your security business.
Drive recurring revenue.
Improve competitive posture.

Cofense Managed Service Providers have access to Protect MSP, a best-in-class phishing protection solution, to defeat today’s complex and rapidly evolving threats. By using advanced computer vision technology, MSPs and their customers can quickly isolate malicious emails from users. Protecting you and your customers is fast with a 40-second rapid onboarding, monthly billing, no contracts or minimums, and free NFR licenses to “Protect Your House.”

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A comprehensive phishing protection solution


With our simple API integration, it’s fast and easy to protect your O365 and Google Workspace client environments.

phishing protection

Our computer vision technology uses advanced visual perception algorithms to emulate the way humans see images, making it possible to quickly detect today’s multi-level phishing attacks.

Real-world training
and simulations

Rapidly deploy automated simulation and security awareness training that satisfies your client’s compliance requirements and helps build resiliency to phishing attacks.

Intelligent solutions, designed for impact

Outdated URL deny lists, IP Reputation, and Keyword Scoring aren’t enough to protect you and your customers in today’s evolving threat landscape. But with our Computer Vision and AI, you and your customers can quickly and accurately detect phishing attacks — before they do damage.

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Protect MSP pairs advanced AI technology with real human intuition to provide a solution that’s easy for MSPs and customers to deploy, use, and maintain.


With Cofense’s fully managed phishing protection solution, we’ll detect and mitigate phishing threats for you, before they’re blacklisted.

Instant phishing 

With Cofense Protect MSP, Tetra Defense keeps malicious emails out of inboxes and reduces load on analysts.

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Increase resiliency, speed up response times, and stop phishing attacks faster.


Technology Alliance

Our TAP program builds integrations between Cofense solutions and security partners to help security teams leverage their security investments and operate efficiently.

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Value Added

We provide an unmatched phishing detection and response portfolio that empowers resellers in every sector to offer customers a comprehensive level of security.

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Managed Security
Service Partners

Cofense Managed Security Service Providers can equip your business with the defenses, processes, and resources necessary to stop inevitable threats.

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Increase resiliency. Improve your security posture.
Grow your business. Drive new revenue.